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Weddings are about people connecting in a dream event. Because we truly love people, our connection to your event is personal. Your day is our day.


We will sit down with you and get to know you, so that the character of the bride and groom will be there for all to see in all aspects of the wedding. Our Wedding Planner and Designer will walk you through ideas, poring over details that will cater for your event until the last guest has departed. This includes but is not limited to, sitting arrangements, lighting, floral designs and theme consistency.


Our in-house fashion stylist and grooming consultant will work with you on exquisite wedding apparels and accessories to your delight. From there, we create magic in the look and ambience for your day. Your needs are what matter to us most and we will go to the ends of the earth to deliver your perfect dream.


All you have to worry about that day, are your vows!


A high-end lifestyle event is premised on luxury.


Nothing is left to chance, detail being the key feature of creating indelible memories for all present.


We will manage your event to make the most indelible memory for your event. Whether it is a birthday, engagement do, graduation party or a private get-together, our dedicated team of Lifestyle Event managers will walk with you through from conceptualisation to execution, the sole mission being creating a seamless event.


Aesthetics are important for your experience and we will cater for the mood your heart desires.


They say perfection cannot be achieved but we will get as close to it as is humanly possible.



The most important thing for our Corporate Events division is your brand. Your business’s message is at the core of our offering to your corporate.


We understand the delicate nature of your brand promise and all our work is focused with absolute dedication to your story, pushing the personality as the key focus of the look and feel of your event.


We know how important this is as a touch-point for your business’s communication. Achieving your objective is our passion and obsession.

We will make sure that at the end of the event, we won’t be the only fans of your amazing brand!

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