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Stephanie Dawn McManus


"Absolutely beautiful wedding with the stunning pieces supplied by the talented team at VIP Hosting! Thank you for your dedication and help making our wedding one of a kind and breathtaking!" 

Vault Cosmetics 


"VIP Hosting, Vault wants to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! What a great job." 

Rutendo Alice 

"VIP Hosting did the floral decor for our wedding and everything was flawless, from the bouquets to the centerpieces. Their attention to detail is faultless!

Lungile was excellent with the communication and even before I offered her the contract,she would take time to explain everything. She made so many compromises with me along the way and agreed to having meetings whenever I requested for them.

 I loved loved the boutinnetes for the guys, so not the little sorry looking ones I always see. 

Lungile and your team I wish you all the best in your business and continue to hold up your business ethic. I am one very impressed customer." 

Prayersoul Mtamangira 

"VIP HOSTING is an absolutely amazing entity and working with them for me has been a pleasure,only top notch quality and delivery on the few events I've done. I will recommend them any day for any event that requires excellence and exquisite taste. Keep the great work going."

Paula Mazvita Marowa 

"Superb....satisfying - they are up to the highest standard and they serve with beautiful smiles".

Prudence Katomene

"VIP Hosting are in a class of their own. Trend setters in their trade."

Samson Mudavanhu


"An amazing team to work with I would recommend them over and over again. Well done guys put a dent in it's about time that those other event companies see the flame. You are amazing and I will continue to support you 100% much love and hope to see you soon" 


Tinashe Njagu 


"Best Deco in Zim" 

Napoleon Nyanhi  

"I couldn't recognize my workplace last night..totally transformed thanks to VIP Hosting, @devine concert sound and the STARS!!! #AnotherWin"

 Sqa Charmaine Dlodlo 

:Thank you very much #TEAM VIP for making the VIP experience filter through on my birthday. Truly a breathtaking experience with you guys. But again I realize that all your guys events are set a world apart.....feeling loved and blessed all in one bundle." 


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